Long coupled horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps with dimensions and characteristics as per DIN 24255 - EN 733. AC-E pumps are available either in bare shaft execution or with baseplate, with or without motor. Pumps are coupled to motors through flexible couplings. Spacer couplings are also available upon request, thus allowing to disassemble the rotating unit without disconnecting the casing from the piping; flanges are drilled PN 16. Normalized mechanical seal (silicon carbide/carbon/Viton).

Vertical single stage centrifugal pumps derived from DIN 24255 (ACV) Norms. The casing is always immerged in the liquid, while a discharge pipe brings the discharge branch to the outside of the plate covering the pit. The standard shaft length varies from 1 to 6 meters. ACV pumps are manufactered in cast iron with pipings and plates made of carbon steel. ACV pumps are used to lift clean or slightly charged liquids in both industrial and municipal applications.

The baseplate mounted centrifugal pump to DIN 24255 is only rarely used in conjunction with mechanical building services.
They are mainly used in installations requiring large flow rates, abnormally high working pressures (cast steel, S.G.iron) or special temperatures or pressures respectively. Their installation requires heavy foundations and extensive piping configurations. The high flow velocities within the pump body and the pump ports often require special noise attenuation measures.