Electric vane pump for pumping fluids of a viscosity up to 500 cSt. Continuous operations, with elevated suction, up to 6 bar pressures. Noise levels below 70 dB.
Asynchronous, closed, self-ventilating AC motor available in different voltages and frequencies. Optional closed-delivery operations thanks to inbuilt adjustable by-pass in pump body. Sintered steel rotors with resin vanes.
Seal on motor shaft accessible from pump side.

  • transfer large quantities of product at medium pressure between tanks
  • guarantee good flow rates at high pressure in applications in which the pump must supply the reeling drums of fixed, "in-line" oil distribution systems on fixed pumping systems
  • quiet operation
  • regularity of flow characterized by the absence of pulsations
  • closed-delivery operation option thanks to the incorporated adjustable BYPASS
  • high suction capacity
  • compact design
  • Flow rates from 25 to 50 l/min (6,1 to 13,2 gal/min)
  • Pressures from up to 6 bar (71 psi)
  • Continuous operation
  • Noise less than 70 dB